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Other podcasts play after episode finishes

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Other podcasts play after episode finishes

I have DC set up to download 2 episodes at a time and automatically play oldest first so it goes in order. I just subscribed to a new podcast and when my original one finishes an episode, it switches to the new pod as instead of playing the next episode. Any suggestions?

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Change the current active system playlist from "All - sorted by date" to "All - sorted by feed/date" this will playback feeds by group/date (Oldest First)

A) Swipe or press the Audio screen tab

B) Press the playlist selector button on the header (Top left of the audio screen) the dialog box will open, scroll down & select the system All - sorted by feed/date" or "All - sorted by date" playlists or created User or Dynamic playlists

See User Guide article on Playlists posted in the forum