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Storage directory in exported config conflicts with newer Android SD card filepath

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Storage directory in exported config conflicts with newer Android SD card filepath

I recently moved from a phone running Android 4.4.4 to one running 7.1.1 and had problems importing and using the DoggCatcher config from the old phone due to the different handling of SD cards in newer Android.
The old phone had a storage path of /storage/sdcard1
After the config import, I could not navigate to a valid filepath because of the invalid initial path, i.e. it was impossible to go up to the parent directory.
The solution: edit the filepath in the exported ZIP file before importing the config.
I used Google Drive as my intermediary area (copying the ZIP file there from the old phone using the "ASTRO" file manager app) for transferring the file between the old to the new phone, so I edited the file in Google Drive.
On my Windows 10 laptop, using WinRAR to view the ZIP file, I went into the shared_prefs folder and opened (using a text editor) the file named
In the editor search for "storage/sdcard" and replace this with "/storage/emulated/0"
Save the change and close the editor.
WinRAR displays a prompt, asking if you want to update the file in the ZIP archive. Say "Yes".
Now you can copy the ZIP file to the new phone (again, I used ASTRO to copy the file) and import it into DoggCatcher.

It would be a lot easier if DoggCatcher detected the invalid storage filepath and allowed navigation to a valid path. Better yet, replace the bad filepath with the corect one, if that can be done.

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