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Bloomberg law podcast stopped downloading

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Bloomberg law podcast stopped downloading

As of Nov. 7th, the Bloomberg law podcast stopped updating even though the Bloomberg website is still updating daily. I tried deleting the feed but afterwards it's no longer available when I search for it ("Bloomberg law"). I cannot seem to locate the RSS

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Bloomberg Law Feed

The publishers of the Bloomberg law feed, no longer seem to be updating the feed and the only available episodes on their server were published on or before November 7, would have to contact the publisher of the Bloomberg law feed to find our why or let them know about the problem at this email URL
amccabe (@) bloomberg DOT net

Also the feed was removed from DC's database and since the DC podcast database is no longer managed by us (See FAQ post "Podcast Submission Request to DC Database" so we cannot add the URL back to the app.

Hopefully this is just an oversight on their end and they will fix the problem, in the meantime your only option is to re-subscribe to the feed/podcast manually through the app using this RSS URL to access previously published episodes

(DC Navigation Menu> Subscribe>Advanced “Press the Hamburger Icon Top left of the Main Screen”)

Swipe left to the ‘Advanced’ tab

Press Feed RSS URL and enter the feed URL “Copy & Past” -

Press "OK"

The next option to playback new episodes using the app is to create a virtual feed and download episodes from the Bloomberg law website - press on an episode's audio icon and then pressing the download icon

See posted User Guide article on Virtual feeds