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Is it possible to not autoplay a specific podcast somehow?

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Is it possible to not autoplay a specific podcast somehow?

I've been using Doggcatcher for about 5 years and like it... But I recently began listening to the "Sleep With Me" podcast, made to put you to sleep. I add SWM episodes to a playlist, and listen to that while I'm falling asleep, and that works well...

However, I've got months of Sleep With Me episodes on my device that come up automatically when a normal podcast I listen to ends. So in the middle of my commute, I am liable to fall asleep because Sleep With Me comes on. (Just kidding. But if I'm washing dishes or something, it sucks to have to stop and dry off so I can skip to a different podcast.)

Is there any way to jury-rig it to not play SWM automatically? Thanks!

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The default system playlists

The default system playlists will playback all your feed subscriptions and cannot be modified or removed. Your next option is to create 2 or 3 playlists (Dynamic or User) and limit them to a particular category

One for your Sleep With Me feed
another for your commute
and one more for washing dishes or something

Once created choose the playlist you wish to use for the particular occasion

A) Swipe or press the Audio screen tab
B) Press the playlist selector button on the header (Top left of the audio screen) the dialog box will open, scroll down & select the created User or Dynamic playlists

See User Guide article on Playlists posted in the forum