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Music Practice features

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Music Practice features

I know a lot of musicians and a common complaint is that there isn't a good app out there for learning/practising recorded music. The default Android app, as well as the PowerAmp app that I use, only has slider control and "press and hold" rewind. This is very frustrating because sometimes "press and hold" accidentially skips tracks, and with a slider it's very difficult to consistently go back to the part of the song you're learning.

I needed an app that would allow me to skip back in 5 second increments, and ahead in 15 second increments. I needed an app that would allow me to slow down parts of songs and do pitch correction. I needed an app that would hold my position in each song, so that I can come back to that same passage at a later date - after I have been working on passages in other songs.

I've used Doggcatcher for years, but only yesterday it occured to me that it could be a great musician's audio player. I created a virtual feed with a folder full of songs I'm learning and it's been EXCELLENT for this purpose.

I know it's not the primary purpose of the app, probably not the secondary purpose either, but I have a few feature requests that would make Doggcatcher even better as a musician's tool:

- Allow more customizable speed-change options, or add some hard-coded options for playback < 1.0.
- Smooth out audio when playback is slow. I'm assuming pitch correction is optimized for > 1.0 speed, but things are a bit jittery when you get to 0.9 or lower.

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Android experimental media player

If your device is running Android 6.0 and up, try switching to Google’s Android experimental media player

See "Audio playback problems" FAQ post under "Playback Issues" and switch to Google’s Android experimental media player for 6.0+/7.0+ devices