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Android Auto disconnect audio keeps playing

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Android Auto disconnect audio keeps playing

DoggCatcher Version: 1.2.4149
Device: LG Nexus 5X
Android Build: M8994F-
Carrier: Project Fi
SUMMARY: Dogcatcher keeps playing on device after disconnect from android auto. This happens whether or not I pause dogcatcher on android auto (VW golf headunit) or not. This happens if I just pull the plug before the car is off as well (continues to play via bluetooth)
1. Play audio on DC
2. turn off car or pull plug on phone

WHAT HAPPENS: Audio keeps playing
WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN: Audio should pause / not be playing
SEVERITY: super annoying (if audio on device is low or if device is still connected to the car bluetooth then you lose your place because you can't hear it)

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Pause Audio Settings

Verify if the "Pause Audio" setting is enabled (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Headset/Lockscreen "Bluetooth/Wired") if not then enable and check if "AC or USB" is enabled "Pause audio on power removal" setting (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Audio Player) Change to USB, AC or both.