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Take into account publication time, not just the date.

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Take into account publication time, not just the date.

From an email exchange with Wayne, I learned the following (in the context of a problem downloading the oldest unplayed episodes from an RSS feed with snapshot: , where publication date is same but time differs):

"The "navya-nyAya-pAThaH ALvArtaH" feed has an issue with duplicate file names, also all episodes have the same publication date. ... DC currently doesn't take into account the *publication times*, just the publication date"

This feels like a serious shortcoming because:
* Some broadcasters (such as All India Radio, who I'm communicating with) want to publish multiple newscasts in a day.
* PubDate field in podcast items do include time according to specifications (which point to Rfc2822) as can be confirmed by seeing references such as: , , or many other popular podcast feeds in practice.

As a long time user, I'd love for Doggcatcher to remain the best pocast player out there; thanks for all the work!