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Download Error?

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Download Error?


Keep getting an error message. Think this happens once a day (am terrible about killing or even looking at notifications) the most recent some time between 7:30am and 9:30am - keep getting the following popup "DL Failed: com.dogggcatcher.apache.fourd..." Is all I can read. If the notification is clicked, just moves to main screen without any additional information. Everything seems to work so not sure what the issue is but doesn't seem there should be that message on the regular.

Phone is a Moto G5+ set to auto download in the AM off WIFI (currently none at the house, so only when arrive at work -today around 8:15- and set up to auto play when connected to the car's Bluetooth, Ford Sync (gen2 I think). Am using and app "Bluetooth Connect and Play" to manage the connection to car for volume and auto play.

Any information to ignore or clear whatever is causing the issue great appreciated.
(BTW: although a little confusing with options and navigation, a wonderfully hands off product once set up and automated- thank you)


Here is the log for today:

[edited log out of post]

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Download fail Issue

An episode from the Let's Talk Bitcoin Network feed failed to download...specifically the episode titled "The Crypto Show With Josh Scigala"

See log entry
Thu, 14 Sep 2017 08:28:44 -0400 INFO (8189) EventLogAdapter::Application log: Event: Download failure - The Let's Talk Bitcoin Network - The Crypto Show With Josh Scigala Exception: HTTP error received from server, response code: 429

HTTP error received from server, response code: 429 means "Too Many Requests" The user has sent too many requests in a given amount of time. Intended for use with rate-limiting schemes. Re:Wikipedia -

The reason you couldn't see what the problem was on the notifications, is because the feed/podcast & episode name is too long fit in the notification.

the next time this happens can find the problem listed in the app's "Event Log" (DC Navigation Menu>More) right after download failure notification appears.

Contact the publisher of the feed to resolve this problem (adam -AT- letstalkbitcoin -DOT-com)

In the meantime flag the episode The Crypto Show With Josh Scigala
"Done" from the "Download Queue" or the episode screen of the Let's Talk Bitcoin Network feed - press the context menu (Right of the episode title)