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Looking for a podcast - History according to Bob

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Looking for a podcast - History according to Bob

I am a long time listener of History According to Bob or on DoggCatcher. I just upgraded my phone and reinstalled DoggCatcher but am not able to find it to subscribe. Any help is appreciated.


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History According to Bob

The feed should be listed, because the RSS URL says it's registered with iTunes...though I couldn't locate it there either, you will have to contact the publisher to findout why the feed can no longer be searched. (

See FAQ post "Podcast Submission Request to DC Database" - for more info on DC's search engine database

Your next option is to subscribe to the feed/podcast manually

(DC Navigation Menu> Subscribe>Advanced “Press the Hamburger Icon Top left of the Main Screen”)

Swipe left to the ‘Advanced’ tab

Press Feed RSS URL and enter the feed URL “Copy & Past” -

Press "OK"

To help prevent this from happening again

FAQ post on Backup/Restore

or use the Cloud Sync feature FAQ post CloudSync/ Beta Version of DC
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