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When the publisher retracts an episode, don't delete it.

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When the publisher retracts an episode, don't delete it.

As you may be aware, this weekend the Radiolab folks decided to retract or unpublish their most recent episode. Fortunately, doggcatcher had already downloaded the retracted episode earlier in the week. Unfortnately, when I fired up doggcatcher to listen to it, I guess it connected to Radiolab, saw that the episode was no longer there, and deleted my local copy.
I recognize that this is probably a pretty obscure/rare event, but is there a way to prevent this? An existing setting, or possibly a new feature? Long time, paid user, best podcast app out there.

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Pin Expired

Enable the “Pin Expired” option, this will pin all downloaded episodes from a particular feed from being deleted. See NASACast Video podcast post on how to enable the feature -

and the User Guide post on "Feed Options" for info on setting options for individual feed/podcast subscriptions.

Also check out the FAQ post "Long Press Action & Delete/unsubscribe to a feed/podcast"
for info on the Multi-Select feature on how to delete episodes with the “Pin Expired” feature enabled