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Auto Update / Auto Delete

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Auto Update / Auto Delete

First of all, I think I will really like DC after I get the settings the way I want, but have read all FAQ's and forum and can't find yhe right mix.

I listen to a lot of news podcasts that are updated sometimes multiple times a day. I don't listen to all of them and only want the newest one even if I missed one.

What I want DC to do is
- automatically update feeds when I start program
- retrieve latest podcast
- delete all but the latest for each feed (leaving only latest 1 podcast on player per feed)

An example would be CNN podcast that updates hourly.

I haven't yet figured out the combination of settings to do this. I used to use MediaMonkey and it had a setting to "delete all but the latest #"

Current Global Settings
- Feed update interval: 6 hours
- Update feeds on start: yes
- Auto downloads: 1
- Auto Delete Policy: All done items

I don't have any overrides at the feed level.

Thanks much for any help,

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I understand what you are trying to do and a few people have asked for the same. Unfortunately, there isn't a natural way to do it yet. I do have a mantis issue created to get the work done though.

In the mean time, you can leave yoru settings as you have them and set the max items to 1. This has the drawback that you will only have one item but it will always be the most recent and it will have the media downloaded. By forcing auto-download and max items to be the same, it will always download the most recent.