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Malformed URL exception

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Malformed URL exception

recently, Doggcatcher would not play feeds from WDR (German radio station) anymore. The files appear in the list, but have a red dot, and in the event log entry, it says download failed, and under detail it says ' protocol: //
This affects exclusively WDR podcasts (as far as I can tell).
However, I have tried downloading these podcasts using 'podbean', and there they work just fine, so I have to assume there is some new incompatibility with doggcatcher. Needless to say, all the WDR podcasts were handled well by DC in the past.
Any suggestions?
Thank you!

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WDR podcasts

I subscribed to a few feeds from WDR podcasts

Wissen macht Ah!, WDR Aktuell - Der Tag, 1LIVE Klubbing & WDR 2 Arena

Experienced no problems with the feeds