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Auto-deleted episodes (using keep latest X) marked done?

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Auto-deleted episodes (using keep latest X) marked done?

So for several feeds I like to have the latest episodes downloaded at all times, but sometimes I don't keep up and I don't want my phone to have too many episodes saved on it. But other times I like to binge and catch up on the back catalog of what I've missed.

The settings I used for this was Auto Delete Policy: keep latest X (say 2). This was great because when they would pile up, I could just listen to the new ones, and then it would auto download the ones that I'd missed. The only problem is that now, whenever it deletes episodes (that I HAVE NOT listened to), it automatically marks them as done. So now 1. it doesn't auto download the ones I've missed and 2. I don't even know which ones I've missed because they're all marked done.

Did something change? Did I change something? Any help? Thanks so much! Sorry if this is a repeat but I couldn't find any answer though some quick searching.

tl;dr: I want un-listened episodes which are deleted using "Keep latest X" to remain marked "new"

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No..nothing has changed,

No..nothing has changed, episodes are always marked done when they are deleted, your only option with keep latest X setting is to increase "X" from 1 or 2 to maybe 4 .