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View only downloaded (instead of done)? Or "Always new"?

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View only downloaded (instead of done)? Or "Always new"?

I'm trying to move from an iPod touch to a dedicated Android device. I travel a lot, I run almost daily and I have a long commute when home. I like to listen when getting ready (connected) and have all my downloads catch up in the background. Otherwise, my device is usually offline.

There are a handful of podcasts I like to have backlogs of and I only download/keep selections from:
-WTF, I only pull down interviews with people I'm interested in
-fitness podcasts, only for topics I'm interested in
-running music, I download all there but only keep "good ones" (I'm fine manually deleting ones I don't like). These I want to see/hear even though they're "done" (tiesto and avicci). And I want to keep them "forever".

I think I have all my feeds and global settings right to get and maintain content.

What I don't like right now is that show/hide done button doesn't work for the running stuff. It might be "done" but I still want to see everything I've downloaded (and nothing I've deleted).

iOS has an option to "save" any episode. Is there a workaround?

Edit: added to subject. Just occurred to me that being able to mark an episode "Always new" would do it...