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DoggCatcher playlist options

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DoggCatcher playlist options

I'm looking for a podcast app that allows me to do the following:

1. List all unplayed episodes in each podcast subscription/feed whether I've downloaded them or not. The list should not show played or otherwise discarded episodes.
2. Allow me to quickly and easily click one button to download an episode. This shouldn't require a dropdown menu or any extra steps.
3. Allow me to quickly and easily click one button to remove the episode from the list of unplayed episodes so that I never see it again unless I want to add it back to the list. This also shouldn't require a dropdown menu or any extra steps.
4. Once an episode has been downloaded, the app should automatically add that episode to a playlist that is arranged chronologically (or however I choose).
5. Allow me to click the an episode in the playlist to start listening to the entire playlist start to finish.
6. Each episode is automatically removed from the playlist and deleted after it has been played.

Re-stated here's how I'd like to use a podcast app:

I want to be able to open the app, go to a list of feeds/subscriptions, open them one at a time, and see a list of episodes that I have not yet played (downloaded or not). I then want to be able to click on a button that downloads the episode or another button that removes it from the list (swipe to do this is ok too). If I make a mistake, I would like a "show all" option so I can re-instate the episode to the list. Now that I've gone through the feeds and downloaded all the episodes I want to listen to and discarded the rest, I'd like to go to the playlist that is there waiting for me with all the episodes I just downloaded and click play, or just play the first episode and they just keep coming until the playlist is empty.

Can DoggCatcher do this? Once upon a time another podcast app did these things and it was perfect. The newer version no longer does these things and I simply can't find another app that does. Since that other app was paid, I don't want to pay for another app that doesn't do what I need it to do. Also, this seems like the default way a podcast app should work, but they just don't work like this. It's frustrating.

BTW, I also want the option to turn off automatic downloads. I absolutely will never use this feature nor will I ever use any kind of streaming.

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You should try the app and

You should try the app and see if it will work out for you and if it doesn't contact the Playstore ( after a day or so and ask for a refund (Press the ? icon on top of the page & then....when the dialog box opens> scroll down to contact> select "Phone" ) enter your phone number & Describe your issue (Refund) the rep will call you back