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Done Episodes Not Marked

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Done Episodes Not Marked

Sorry if this is a repeat question, I tried to look through previous posts and could not find anything.

I am new to using DC. I recently subscribed to a podcast with about 400 previous episodes. I have downloaded and started listening to some of them in random order. On a previous app that I was using it would indicate which podcasts I have already listened to. I don't see anything that indicates when I have already listened to a podcast on DC. I thought that I had read that the circle changed colors when a podcast was done but all of them are Grey unless they are downloaded to the phone and then they are Blue. What do I need to do to get the app to start showing me which episodes I have already listened to?

Thank you!

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The app is designed to

The app is designed to automatically update & download new published episodes from feed/podcast subscriptions and once you've completed listening/watching those episodes, the media files are automatically deleted, there isn't a way to list a history of what was played within the app.

Episode States
New (blue) - Not listened to or read
In Progress (green) - played has been started but not finished
Done (grey) - Completed/listened or read
Purple - Episodes downloading
Orange - Episode currently playing
Episodes downloaded and ready for download are flagged blue (New) and will have a white/grey arrow icon ⤓
Episodes ready for playback are flagged blue (New) or green (In progress) and will have a white/Grey arrow head icon ►
Episodes already deleted are flagged grey (Done) and will have a white/grey arrow icon ⤓
Episodes ready to be deleted are flagged grey (Done) and has a white/grey arrow head icon ► will be deleted on the next scheduled feed update.

A workaround option to keep track of episodes: Press the context button (Three Vertical Dots or Hamburger right of the Feed/Podcast Title)> Press "Flag all new"
Optional Setting change: Press the context button of the particular feed again> Press "Feed Options" under "Auto downloads" disable "Global" and enter 10 or higher number in the field>Press OK. DC will automatically download 10 episodes from from the feed, and completed episodes will be flagged done and deleted
You could also manually download episodes from your feed subscription.