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DC Fails to play most episodes on virtual feed populated from get_iplayer

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DC Fails to play most episodes on virtual feed populated from get_iplayer

I have a script I run periodically on my computer that uses the Linux get_iplayer tool to download radio programs and save them to a dropbox folder that is replicated on my phone. That folder is set up in DoggCatcher as a virtual feed.

The problem is that DoggCatcher refuses to play most of the programs I download. On the last download, there were 10 programs, only 2 of which would DoggCatcher play. They will all play fine in VLC.

Has anyone else had similar problems where DoggCatcher fails to play files that other players have no problem with?

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Android media player

VLC is designed to playback must, if not all media formats, DC uses the Android media player for audio & video playback and is limited to the Android supported formats (See Android Dev supported formats site ) so the app (DC) will not playback all media formats VLC is able to play.

You can the use VLC as a external player within the app (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Audio Player>Audio Player) then allow VLC to open by default from your device settings (Device Settings>Apps>All Apps>VLC) or for playing back individual media files from the episode screen or the audio/video tabs press the context menu (Hamburger right of the Episode Title) select “Play in external player” press VLC and enable “Use as default app”.

The problem could also be a playback issue that affects some devices running custom roms or the latest update of Android

See FAQ post "Audio only plays about 1 second every 10 seconds or so"

See FAQ post "Playback Problems" for devices running Android Marshmallow 6.0+ or Nougat 7.0+