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Steps to add new feed, then listen in oldest first order

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Steps to add new feed, then listen in oldest first order

Beginning with a brand new installation of DoggCatcher, please provide ALL of the steps to subscribe to the podcast "Serial", then listen to each episode from oldest to newest.

Thanks! Tom

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"Serial" Feed/Podcast

Start DC, subscribe to the "Serial" feed (DC Navigation Menu>Subscribe>Swipe left to the "Search" tab>Enter "Serial" in the field and press "Go'>

The podcast is listed first, press on "Serial" icon>Press "Subscribe" bottom of the screen>

Press the back button to the "Feeds" tab>Scroll down to the "Serial" feed>

Press the context menu icon (Hamburger Icon Right of Feed Title) Select "Feed Options">Disable the "Global" setting for "Auto Downloads" & "Number of Episodes"> Enter "30" in each field>Press OK>

Press the context menu icon again and select "Refresh">Press or swipe left to the "Audio" tab>

Press the playlist selector button on the header (Top left of the screen) a playlist dialog box will open>

Select "All-Sorted by Date">Wait a few minutes for all available episodes to be downloaded>Press on the first episode "The Alibi"