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DC controls lock up during feed updates

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DC controls lock up during feed updates

I've used Doggcatcher for several years and on 3 or 4 devices for several hours a day mjnimum. IMHO it is the best app on the market for my purposes.

Recently, however, due to a change in the app or maybe an Android system upgrade the feed update process locks up Doggcatcher's controls so I can't do anything while it updates.

I know this is probably a bigger problem for me than others because I subscribe to a LOT of feeds so the feed update process takes awhile. However, I still imagine that having the app controls become unusable while updating is not a feature you want to keep around.

I have considered turning off auto-updates for DC but that would diminish the 'set-it-and-forget-it' convenience of podcasts dramatically.

If there is a reason for this that is insurmountable, or if there is a setting I need to change (other than turning off auto updates) please let me know.


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The problem you're describing

The problem you're describing sounds like a memory issue with your device, try clearing the cache (Device Settings>Apps>DC>Storage>Cache) to see if that resolves the problem "Backup the app first" (DC navigation Menu>Settings>Backup/Restore/Export) may also have to clear the data too, but this will cause you to lose your all your feeds database and configuration settings. Let me know if clearing the cache doesn't work, before clearing the data.