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Method For Preventing Auto Deletion of Certain Episodes

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Method For Preventing Auto Deletion of Certain Episodes

I am trying to find an easy way to retain certain Podcast episodes without disrupting the normal updating of the podcast. Because the podcast folder names are named as numbers by default, it is prohibitively difficult to manually find an episode to copy it to a different folder to prevent it's auto-deletion after I finish it.

I normally have podcasts set with "Auto Downloads" set to "1" and "Auto Delete Policy" set to "Keep Latest X" yet this setup deletes podcast episodes as soon as a new episode is available. Often I hear something I want to refer to in the near future but I haven't found a way to do this which doesn't create more problems. I tried setting "Auto Delete Policy" to "Done" on a few podcasts to try and preserve certain episodes but this causes the podcast to treat the nost recently played episode as the latest. So updateson these podcasts no longer download the latest episodes but the instead download the oldest unplayed episode. This is often quite a lkng way in the past. This setting prevents the feed from downloading the latest episodes and keeps its update setting in "the past".

I would like a way to save episodes for later reference which does not disrupt the normal feed update policy.

I would also like a "Done" auto delete policy which keeps the feeds ability to download the latest episodes.

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Currently there isn't a way to do that feature within the app, but Eric has this issue on his to do list 0001286: Ability to pin episodes (pinned episodes will not be deleted) - listed under DoggCatcher - (Scheduled For Release 2017-04-15) (Roadmap)

A workaround would be to enable "Pin Expired" feature in the "Feed Options" settings of the feed (Once enabled from that point on..all currently published episodes from the feed/podcast will not be deleted automatically) - You will have to manually delete episodes individually or you can enable "Multi Select" on the "Episode" screen or on the "Audio" and "Video" tabs - long press on the initial episode, then press on additional pinned episodes and then press the "Pinned" icon (Top Right of the Screen) to delete all selected episodes