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DoggCatcher's Backup/Restore feature will copy all the information necessary to restore from another device (or a device that has been reset) by placing a backup of the feeds database and configuration onto your SD card.

This will have no effect on your downloaded media, since it is already on the SD card.

For devices with internal storage support only or running Android 4.4.2 KitKat and up, 5.0+ Lollipop/6.0+ Marshmallow/7.0+ Nougat, the backup of the feeds database and configuration is placed in internal storage. So you will need to copy that to a PC and then manually to a new device to do a restore.

This change is because of the new restrictions on applications that limit their access to the Android Data directories only and the backup feature was added to Google's outlines, a list of features that are not compatible with installing applications to the SD card

Here is a list of the files that compose a backup:
. \DoggCatcher\Export\databases\rss
. \DoggCatcher\Export\shared_prefs\DOGG_CATCHER_PREFERENCES.XML
. \DoggCatcher\Export\shared_prefs\_preferences.xml

1.  First backup DC (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Backup/Restore/Export) press “Backup”

2.  Uninstall the app from the device settings (Settings>Apps>scroll down to & press on DoggCatcher>Press “Uninstall”

3. Re-install the app from the my app section of the Play Store URL or though the Play Store app on your device (Open the app>Press the Hamburger Icon “Top Left of the screen”>Press My Apps>Press “ALL”>scroll down & locate the app>Press & install

4. Open DC & run “Restore” (DC Menu>Settings>Backup/Restore/Export)

As an additional backup>Run “Export Feeds in OPML Format” (This option is only your feed/podcast subscriptions)

If the backup fails to restore, you can re-subscribe to your feeds again using the “OPML Import from File” option (DC Menu>Subscribe>Swipe to “Advance”>Import from file>Press on “DoggCatcherExport.opml”> press on each feed to re-subscribe (Unfortunately the “Subscribe to all” option is currently disabled & will be fixed on future update of the app.