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Cloud Sync Issue - Manually moving a feed

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After manually moving a feed,(Using the app’s “Move up/down” feature) cloud sync re-arranges the moved episode on all scheduled feed updates...the developer has a couple bug issues regarding this on his to do list

0001795: After moving a feed, a cloud sync re-arranges the moved episode down one position

0002111: Syncing undoes a previous move operation

Until this issue is fixed, there is a workaround to temporarily resolve the problem

1 Set the feed order of your feed/podcast subscriptions the way you would like it on the “Feeds” tab.

2 Run DC’s backup feature (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Backup/Restore/Export)

3 Disable the “Cloud Sync” & then re-enable (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Experimental Features) uncheck “Link this device with your cloud key” then re-enable

4 Once the “Cloud Sync” has finished syncing> Run restore feature
(DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Backup/Restore/Export)

5 Press “Refresh Feeds” button (DC NavigationMenu)

Steps 4 and 5 may have to be repeated one more time.