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Why does my feed/podcast subscription episodes being deleted and re-downloaded or episodes always flagged as new or the same media file plays back with different titles?

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This usually means the feed/podcast has an issue with duplicate file names,

To resolve: From the “Episode” screen of the particular feed with the problem, press the triangle ▲ icon (Top Right of the Screen) or from the “Feeds” tab press the context button (Three Vertical Dots/Hamburger Icon Right of Feed Title) and selecting "Diagnostics" if there is a issue with the feed follow the recommendations (Press "Repair Here" Cloud Icon left of the issue description)

Feed/podcast subscriptions with the duplicate file name issue:

"The Blindboy Podcast"
“Renewing Your Mind with R.C. Sproul”
“The Worst Idea of All Time”
“WeThePeople_Live feed”
"Packet Pushers Datanauts"
"The Jim Rome Show"
Various feed/podcasts published by The Economist
Various feed/podcasts published by Acast