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Why does DoggCatcher crash or freeze?

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The Android OS Lollipop 5.0.0/5.0.1/5.0/5.1.X has a memory leak bug issue, this can issue can cause problems for the app (Example one or more apps can put your device under enough memory pressure that DC will respond slowly or killed by Android/.Freeze during during or download)

DoggCatcher can can also experience playback issues (Example ~ stuttering/Skipping ) when starting another app (Waze/Chrome/G+/Facebook) This issue also causes high battery usage/drain. This can also affect older devices with 1GB or less of memory available plus internal storage is at the capacity level (Full) specifically 16GB or less will experience more of these types of problems.

Solutions to help minimize the problem

Reboot your device when this issue happens again or on a regular basis once or twice a week power off your device for a minute or two then restart it.

Lower the amount of episodes shown in a feed in DC's global feed options ( DC Menu, Settings,Global Feed Options) select number of episodes & change to a lower number, then press OK. (Example from 10 to 5) Most of the memory the app uses is for the descriptions of the episodes

Disable power saving mode when using more than one app at a time or when battery resources are lo(Device>Settings)

Limit the number or types of apps being used at the same time as DC (Waze/Chrome/) when the power saving mode is enabled

Uninstall some of the apps running in the background that are no longer being used.

Disable the "Variable Speed Enabled" feature (DC Menu>Settings>Audio Player)