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Audio only plays about 1 second every 10 seconds or so

Custom ROM Playback Issue Acer, Blu, Fairphone, Kindle Fire Devices (Lollipop 5.0) & Zest Mobile Devices

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Audio only plays about 1 second every 10 seconds or so, doesn’t remember the play position of media file on Acer, Blu, Elephone,Fairphone,Freetel,Gionee, Huawei, Kindle Fire Devices (Lollipop 5.0), Lenovo,Oppo, Otium,Pelephone Gini W5, RCA, Ulefone,Wiko, Xiaomi & Zest Mobile devices are running a custom ROM version of Android that is incompatible with DC’s features,particularly "Variable Speed”

Try these two workaround solutions that might resolve the playback problem you’re experiencing

1) Disable the "Variable Speed Enabled" feature (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Audio Player)

2) Change the player for DC from “Integrated” (Internal) to “External” (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Audio Player) Press “Audio Player” change to “External Player”
(unfortunately this workaround option doesn’t resolve the problem with remembering the play position of media file feature.)

FYI- The "Resume Hack" and "Seekbar Hack" setting options was for a bug issue with the Android media player on very old devices (3.x) and should only be needed as a workaround to resolve that issue. Those hack settings have no effect on newer devices, so the settings have been removed.