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Purcahsed App W\ old Gmail...

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Purcahsed App W\ old Gmail...

I'm sure I'm not the first or last that has experienced this but, and of course there's a but, my gmail account that I used to purchase DC a while ago was hacked, again. So trying to learn my lesson and what not, figured it was time to start fresh, not realizing I'd lose the purchase history \ ability to update the pro version of the app. So is there anyway I could bypass this problem or is too sketchy? I understand if it is but figure it can't hurt to ask... Thanks in advance!

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There isn't away to move

There isn't away to move licenses from one account to another and if your version of the app is more than 2 years old..a refund can't be processed through the Play store. Email your proof of purchase of the app (DC Navigation Menu>More>Report Problem) for other options to exchange the app.