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Delete on Skip

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Delete on Skip

On Android. When I press skip to go to the next podcast it deletes the podcast that I was listening too. This is not the behavior that I want, I could be skipping a two hour podcast because I am just not in the mood to finish it right now and I will finish it later.

Is there some setting that I am missing?

I saw that come people complained about this back in 2012 and 2013 and doggcatcher said they were working on it.


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Users of the app initialy wanted the 'Next' button to flag an episode done and skip to the following episode in a playlist (See issue 0000006: IMPROVEMENT: Added 'next' button to media controls - marks item as done and skips to next in playlist - issue 633 was changed to just 0001646: Ability to undo recent actions on episodes - – now listed under DoggCatcher - 1.2.not.scheduled (Scheduled For Release 2020-11-01) on Eric's to do list

When an episode is skipped..then flagged done and removed from the playlist it is not deleted until the next scheduled feed update. You can find the skipped episode on the "Episode" screen of the particular feed on the "Feeds" tab and can be re-flagged new (Blue) on in-progress (Green) before being auto deleted.