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Cannot save on SD card HTC M9 (Android 6.0)

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Cannot save on SD card HTC M9 (Android 6.0)


I have problems to save podcast on SD card. Your application is showing that it has only read only access.

I tried solution from this link:

And also I reinstalled application. But unfortunate both solution didn't work.

Could you please help me to solve this issue.

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Storage Marshmallow

Unmount/remount the SD card again (Device Settings>Storage>Press “Unmount SD Card” or Unmount icon>Reboot the device)

Then verify the app's permission to access internal/external storage (Device Settings>Apps>DoggCatcher>Permissions)

DC only has limited read/write permission to the Android data external storage directory and read only permission to other directories of the external storage (SD Card)

Start DC again and from the "Storage Directory" screen, (DC Menu>Settings>Miscellaneous>Storage Directory) scroll down and press on the Android data directory highlighted in orange “Limited”


Press OK