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Path problem with phone settings migration

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Chris Burns
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Path problem with phone settings migration

I have upgraded phones. I migrated a backup of the settings to the new phone to keep from having to reenter all of the information on my 50+ feeds. All my feeds are on the sd card (as well as previous downloads from the previous device). This sd card was moved to the new device.

When I got the settings in, I was working on getting the paths set as the new device structures its drives. But (in Feed Settings->Advanced -> FeedStoreage Directory -> Edit and click the ellipses to specify the new directory, I get an error message that states, cannot list directory. How can I resolve this error so that I can list the directories with the existing podcast files?

Clicking the 'Select Current Directory' button on the 'Select Directory' screen closes the screen, but does not put me at a directory that I can work with. The Default button on the Feed Settings->Advanced -> FeedStoreage Directory area also does not leave me with a workable directory.

I am hoping I will not have to change the directories by editing a file inside the transferred zip manually, recreate the zip file, and re-import the settings using the manually created zip file.

Can someone potentially offer some assitance?

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What version of Android is

What version of Android is on your device? If it's Marshmallow, See FAQ article Why am I experiencing external storage (SD Cards) problems after my device has been upgraded to Marshmallow (Android 6.0)?