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Playlist: Don't include specific feeds

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Playlist: Don't include specific feeds

I have been very happy with Doggcatcher, but one issue has really caused me quite some frustration. I have several podcasts that I like to listen to on a playlist, but I also subscribe to several language learning podcasts. I only want to play these podcasts manually - but they are lumped into the global playlist along with everything else.

What I'd like to see, at minimum, is an option on podcast option to "Skip podcast in playlist" and only allow manual playback of items on the podcast.

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Playlist - omit feed

I agree. I have a feed feeds that I only listen to at certain times and I would rather not see them on the playlist at all. I usually just move them to the bottom so they don't get auto-played, but removing them from the playlist completely would be better.

I used to have an issue for this but it's lost, so I created a new one -

Thanks for posting.