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Audio file does not match description

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Audio file does not match description


DoggCatcher Version: 1.2.4135
Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Android Build: V5.1.1 - Build LMY47X
Carrier: Optus (Australia)

SUMMARY: For TOFOP, FOFOP and Wilosophy podcasts when I download a bunch of the podcasts at once all of the selections will play the same audio file - usually the oldest.

1. Add TOFOP, FOFOP or Wilosophy with Wil Anderson podcast
2. Add a few episodes to the queue
3. Once downloaded play an epsiode
4. Note that some files are immediately noticed to be incorrect as run time will not match that listed in description

FREQUENCY: 100% for these 3 podcasts only

SEVERITY: Annoying

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Duplicate File Names

All three feeds has an issue with duplicate file names, enable "Make Filenames Unique" by pressing the context button (Three Vertical Dots Right of the Feed) select feed options, scroll down to & enable "Make Filenames Unique" then press OK.

From the "Feeds" tab...if there are issues with other feeds, press the context menu on each feed with a problem (Hamburger Icon Right of Feed Title) > select "Diagnostics" if there is a issue with the feed follow the recommendations ( Press "Repair Here" Cloud Icon left of the issue description) to resolve the issue with the feed.