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Next and Previous

I looked around and could not find the answer. Newest version 1.2.4135.
Inside of the settings
Headset button - rewind
Set to Next

Headset button - fast forward
Set to Next

Yes both have the option of "Next"
both "when pressed" do as advertised rewind or fast forward but do not jump to next or previous.

I use a 3 button bluetooth headset and tried double press and long press with no change short press does and works for the volume controls.

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So this is a little confusing

So this is a little confusing because of the types of buttons that are on nearly all bt devices. They have previous/next buttons, not rew/ff buttons. So if you change the previous/next settings to next, you'll get what you need.

We map the physical previous/next buttons to rewind/ff which makes much more sense for podcasts, than music for example. However it is confusing.