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Media Control Bar (Access the Media buttons, Progress/Seekbar & Car Mode or Now Playing Screen)

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The DC media control bar “Media buttons - Rewind, Play, Fast Forward,Skip ”

Press the context menu icon “Hamburger Right of the Buttons” (To access the Autoplay, sleep timer and Variable speed settings, plus the ability to hide the media buttons)

The action to unhide the media buttons (Swipe up & Press the context menu icon “Grey Area Bottom Middle of the Screen)

The Progress/Seekbar can be enabled or disabled (DC Menu>Settings>Audio Player>Seekbar)

The “Car Mode or Now Playing” screen, can be enabled by pressing on the feed/podcast thumbnail icon bottom left of the media control bar, once enabled (“Top left of the screen” is Next up in the current playlist, “Top right of the screen” 3 icons Sleep timer, Autoplay, Episode information) - To exit or disable - press the back button on your device or press the X icon “Top left of the screen”

The Autoplay and Variable Speed features can be enabled or disabled in the audio player settings (DC Menu> Settings>Audio Player) also the Rewind/Fast forward increments can be changed from the audio player settings

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