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Why am I experiencing external storage (SD Cards) problems after my device has been upgraded to Marshmallow (Android 6.0 OS & up)?

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After OS update to 6.0 or 6.1 Marshmallow DC requires read/write permission to access the Android Data limited directory - If permission wasn’t authorized after the update, please enable from the device settings and then point DC to external storage again

Device Settings>Apps>DoggCatcher>Permissions

Enable Phone (If not enabled)
The permission for phone calls is to detect when calls are being made so audio or video podcasts can be paused and when calls are received.

Enable Storage
Permission to save media files to the SD card Android Data limited directory

There is FAQ article posted in the forum with a detailed list of the permissions that are required only for optional features within the application (

Start DC and from the "Storage Directory" screen, (DC Menu>Settings>Miscellaneous>Storage Directory)

Press on depending on device
/storage/SD card1/Android/data

highlighted in orange “Limited”

Then press "Yes' on the dialog box - this will auto-fill the storage directory box down below - on the second dialog box press OK - DC will restart

The DC created storage directory should look like this from a file manager “Example”

or (/storage/6562-6463/Android/Data/