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Almighty DoggCatcher broke Leo's Nexus One!

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Almighty DoggCatcher broke Leo's Nexus One!

I like TWiT shows (pretty much the whole network), but sometimes Leo Laporte is such a dork. In the latest episodes of TWiT and TWig he kept b*tching about how he was using Google Listen, but it didn't have something, so he launched DoggCatcher and it froze his Nexus One. Furthermore, he goes on to claiming that after rebooting the phone, DC was still slowing down the phone.

Well, I don't know much about what was really going on, but I can pretty much guarantee that it was not DC or at least not DC alone. For some reason DC runs fine on my old crappy G1 and I even manage to play games or browse the web while listening to podcast. He mus have like a gazillion of background services running and DC was just the last drop, so he blamed it all on the app.

I think it would be smart to somehow try and get in touch with him or whatever, as that is quite bad publicity for this amazing app.

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I finished this week's TWiT this morning, and heard him talking about it, but I'm pretty sure he didn't mention it by name. I'm still in the first half-hour of TWiG, so I'll finish that tonight and see if I can respond to whatever his issue is.

I feel bad because I was the one who sent him a tweet about DC a couple of weeks ago when he was talking about Google Listen.

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Firstly, let me say that I have a good deal of respect for Leo. He has had a tremendously positive influence on the podcasting landscape that we know today. I've personally been a long time listener of twit and security now, and viewer of the screen savers before that. He's behind 8 of the top 50 feeds (DoggCatcher ranking). If it wasn't for all of his efforts, there would be plenty fewer people aware of podcasts and fewer potential users for DC. That's why DC has shipped with TWIT pre-configured since day one.

While there is no question that what he described is very frustrating, I would hope that DC was not the cause. I've personally had the same experience only once and I initially suspected DC to be the culprit. That turned out to not be the case.

On the chance that DC was involved in the problem, I would hope that anyone experiencing anything similar to what was described would send me their debug log (in the DC menu). I'll handle this with the same attention that I have devoted to each an every change (feature/bug) that has been made over the past year.

I'm sure Leo will give DoggCatcher another chance :-)

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I've been thinking about this some more

I've seen something on the emulator (1.5-2.1) a few times that has similar symptoms that may be related. I haven't experienced it on any physical devices or heard any reports from users before regarding this though. I always just assumed it was an emulator thing (and may still be, who knows).

The first time you format a date on android, the date formatter loads some time zone stuff. Depending on the device, this can take from about one second to sometimes 7-8 secs. I think the behavior originally was to load this once per app, then in 2.0 was changed to load it once when the phone boots ( So according to this, the time zone loading should never happen more than once.

I have seen my emulator (2.1 for sure) get into a state where the logs are filled with these, one after another. One for each time you try to parse a date. Date parsing happens a lot in DC.
INFO/Resources(258): Loaded time zone names for en_US in 1569ms.

When this happens, the emulator is hosed, and the app locks up. You can kill the app and restart it, and it still logs these on each date parse. I need to kill the emulator to get things normal again.

Assuming this could happen on a physical devices, it would be pretty bad. I just made some changes that would work-around this if it were to occur on a device. It won't cause any harm but will help if what I described does happen.

I'll be releasing a version with this to my beta testers. If all goes well, it should be in the next market release.