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Usability request: eliminate touch to stop downloading

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Usability request: eliminate touch to stop downloading

So when I'm looking at a list of podcasts under the author I can click and do a force download...However if I accidentally tap, touch, fumble etc for any reason it instantly aborts downloading.... I can never imagine a scenario where I've gone through the trouble of force downloading that with a quick tap I actually want it to so instantly stop downloading requiring several key touches to restart. Please don't make it harder and not so easy to stop downloading....especially if I've gone through the trouble of forcing the downloading...make a pop up are you sure dialog...or even eliminate the instant stop and make it only something that occurs if you select from a the pop up options list.

Side note a big thanks...I love the dial showing the download progress

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Enable Multiselect

You could try multiselect when selecting multiple episodes from a particular feed to download, on "Episode" screen, long press on the initial episode you want to download to enable multiselect and press on additional episodes>then press the box icon (Top of the screen) to mark them new "Blue"> Press the refresh icon to download the selected episodes