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Download Filtering

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Download Filtering

I have a podcast that lasts 3 hours. Each hour is broken into a single podcast. When they do interviews, they carve out the interview itself and add it as a podcast. As a result, I have the three hours (that I want to hear) and the three interviews (which are redundant).

It would be really helpful if I could create a filter that I can program that determines what (or what doesn't) get downloaded. Nothing fancy like regex, but at least a partial match on a word. So since all my podcasts contain the word "hour" and all the interviews don't, I'd want it to only download stuff that matched "hour" (or any other partial match of a word).


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Multiple Simultaneous Downloads

I don't know if it's possible for a download filtering option to remove episodes from the download queue and/or prevent episodes from downloading, Eric will respond later if is. He does have a request issue on his to do list 0001193: Add support for multiple simultaneous downloads - listed under DoggCatcher - 1.2.soon (Scheduled For Release 2016-11-01) - I imagine once this feature is enabled, you can configure feeds with multi part episodes to download those episodes at the same time.

There are also these issues 0001126: Ability to search/filter episodes by title - and 0000802: Ability to search for feeds/items/etc with search hard key - once these features are enabled, you could search for particular redundant episodes and delete them.

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If you have a web server...

If you have your own web server, I have a program that I wrote that can read an RSS feed and republish a filtered feed. I can't post a direct link because it trips the spam filter, but I've written about it at packy dot dardan dot com.