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"cloud virtual feed "

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"cloud virtual feed "

[I am disabled ,This post was composed using voice to text, please forgive any lapses in decorum, grammar or spelling ]

I will use dropbox as my example but this could be any storage service. I.E. google drive, box, amazon cloud, onedrive,

a plug in/add on feature that saves user login credentials. to allow the downloading of files from that selected folder in dropbox, as if it was a folder on the devices and was a virtual feed , however it is in the dropbox server , so if your settings are for one auto download the then files would be downloaded one at a time to the episode enclosure folder.

this feature would save storage and allow for virtual feeds to be in the cloud.
also would love to add : a" save this episode" option , so that any episode of a podcast can be saved from episode enclosure to the dropbox folder.

if you don't want to add this feature i would like to attempt to make a plug in myself ?