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There are 2 things I miss about downcast:
1. Priority: I'm a devops engineer. So I need to listen to stuff like "Security Now!" before "The Art of Manliness". Downcast gave me the ability to sort my playlist by priority. What it didn't do, which I found annoying, was to play the most recent episode on the list first after finishing playing an older one - it would just go "next!"

2. Playback speed per podcast: Yanks generally speak really slowly, often pausing for dramatic effect. For example I can listen to "Security Now!" very comfortably at 2x speed. However Australian ABC radio national podcasts are better at about 1.8 speed I find, because sometimes you get someone that speaks at a more normal rate &/or mumbles a bit. So I'd love to set a playback speed per feed.
I'd like to suggest that to speed up development, you could offer an option for us to crowdfund you getting freelancer help to deliver the functions we want. I'm saying that because I'd gladly pay $10 or $20 for the above features because they would make my life easier. $10 or $20 from me isn't enough to make you pull your finger out & get it done, but if there were 100 people like me it might be :) Radical.

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Downcast Features

1. Priority - There is posted tread about this request- play priorities:
Eric's response (Reply to #4) #5

2. Playback speed per podcast - This is on Eric's to do list for a future update - 0000831: Add a feed option for feed specific variable speed adjustment - listed under DoggCatcher - (Scheduled For Release 2015-10-13)

Thanks for posting