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Multiple custom speeds

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Multiple custom speeds

You currently allow users to specify one custom play back speed. While this is great, I've found that, depending upon how fast the hosts are talking, I can listen at 1.8x on some podcasts and 2.2 on other. It would be nice to be able to have more than one custom speed.

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Add me to the chrorus

I have sent this suggestion in the past. The player really should let me set playback speed for any particular cast while being played and remember that setting. This is the single reason that at least for the time being I have stopped using dogcatcher even though it is my favorite player.

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Yes please!

Me too. A list up to 2.5x with .1x steps all the way from 1x would be great.

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More variable speeds

Eric has this feature currently in beta (See issue - 0002188: Include more variable speeds in default list ) The update should be released this Friday or the following.