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Windows and IOS apps!!!

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Windows and IOS apps!!!

I love doggcatcher have done for years.... I can sync across all my devices just love it keep up the good work...

Now I am not a tech fan boy, I have a windows PC I have a MAC book. Ipad, I have an Android phone and HP Slate (on my wall).

No what I would really really like is to listen/ watch my doggcatcher feeds on all my devices/ web...

How likely is this?

In terms of payment.... yes I would pay for this service - but I would want it to be a one off payment not a subscription model

Just a thought...

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Windows and IOS

There are currently no plans for a Windows and IOS version of the app, see posted thread about a Chrome or HTML5 version of the app and Eric's (Develper) response #6

Thanks for posting