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Podcasts that I listened to "disappear" in Audio tab listings?

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Podcasts that I listened to "disappear" in Audio tab listings?

I have used other podcast apps and when I am done listening to them, they are still in the list but marked differently so that I know they've been listened to. With doggcatcher, they are just removed from the list entirely.

If I go to the podcaster's section of podcasts, I can't even tell which podcast it was that I have downloaded. I don't download all podcasts of a podcaster so I only download the ones that sound interesting, but rifling through and finding which items I DID download is hard to find.

How do I find the items I downloaded in a quicker way? And how do I make those podcasts I listened to stay in the Audio section? Is there a different UI I can change to so it's similar to the other podcast apps? Unless I am doing something differently, this is not intuitive.

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Completed episodes

Once you have completed an episode (Audio or Video) it is flagged done “Grey” and is removed from the playlist (System or User Created) the episode is not deleted until the next scheduled feed update and it's located on the "Episode" screen of the particular feed on the "Feeds" tab and can be re-flagged new (Blue) on in-progress (Green) before being auto deleted.

Episodes that are not deleted yet will have a “Play Icon”
(►) and deleted episodes will a “Deleted Icon” (⤓)

This how DC is designed to work, automatically updates feeds, automatically downloads new published media & automatically deletes media once completed.

Some feeds like “This American Life” & other feeds/Podcasts, the publisher only allows one or couple episodes at time...episodes are deleted  when new ones are published,(Even if the Episodes are flagged blue “New” or in-progress “Green”) you have the option override this with the “Pin Expired” setting in DC’s “Feed Options” Press the context button (Three Vertical Dots Right of the Feed) on the feed/podcast on the “Feeds Tab”, select feed options, scroll down to & enable “Pin Expired” then press OK. This option you will have to manually delete completed episodes by pressing the context button on the particular episode (three Vertical Dots Right of the Episode) select “Delete Pinned Episode”  For more information on DC’s “Feed Options” settings, please see “User Guide post in the forum  ( )

Eric (Developer) has a few issues on his to do list for a future update (See Issues 0001646 the ability to undo recent actions on episodes   - 0001521: Playlist option to leave completed episodes on the playlist and 0001286: Ability to pin episodes (pinned episodes will not be deleted) -  

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I like the idea of pinned

I like the idea of pinned episodes but could we consider doing sometime like starred episodes (they don't have to be physically downloaded on the phone, but just marked as starred). And the system could auto-generate a playlist of starred episodes across all podcasts.