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Inconsistent lock screen behavior

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Inconsistent lock screen behavior

I have my Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android 4.4.2) configured to have a PIN-based lock screen. When using DC, sometimes I get the DC controls on the lock screen and sometimes I don't. I haven't figured out the pattern and maybe it's all working as expected and just doesn't support the particular use case I'm interested in:

I want to tee up some podcasts to listen to while I'm driving but I want to defer starting to listen to them until I've been on the road a while. I'd like this to be a one-click operation. Today what happens is that I tee everything up (but don't press the play button), put my phone in its windshield mount, and start driving. However, when I ready to start listening and turn on my phone, it's in the lock screen with no DC controls displayed. I have to first enter my PIN. Needless to say, this is not a particularly easy or safe operation to perform while driving. If the DC controls were displayed, I'd just have to turn on the phone and hit the play button. Reasonably easy and safe :-)

Is the behavior I want something I can configure with DC today? Or should I enter it as a feature request?