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Making the switch to PocketCasts

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Making the switch to PocketCasts

I have been a long time owner of DoggCatcher for many years now but I thought I should add the feedback that I am making the switch to PocketCasts. I could just make the switch quietly, but thought their might be some value in providing feedback on why.

At one time I had access to PocketCasts (during their big debacle with being free in the Amazon App Store) and at that time I found PocketCasts inferior to DoggCatcher. I don't think PocketCasts had even realized that there was such a thing as Video podcasts. But PocketCasts have made major strides while DoggCatcher has improved slowly.

While the design of DC keeps improving, it has always been very funky and sometimes I struggle trying to figure out how I get to what I want. PocketCasts new Material design is clean, straightforward, and familiar.

The Chromecast support in DC has been very flakey (I submitted a bug for it). I often have to quit DC and restart it for Chromecast button to show up. Pocket Casts seems to be very solid.

The syncing support for DC which I know is just a beta barely worked and often I would see episodes on one device that I already finished on another. i haven't tested this yet on PC, but assume it will work better.

One of my other issues I had with DC was actually just the name. Voice recognition on the phone would not associate Dog Catcher to the app DoggCatcher. I actually threw together an app named Dog Catcher that just opened DoggCatcher

But the big thing that pushed me over the edge was actual Android Wear support.

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Thanks for the feedback and

Thanks for the feedback and we do hope you find the podcatcher that suits you best. We've got lot of users that started with others, and then came to DC, and vice versa. They're each only a few bucks so if you do a lot of listening, it's not to expensive to try a few and see which one is the best for you.

On a side note, we are currently working on support for both Android Wear and Auto.