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DoggCatcher starting by itself

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DoggCatcher starting by itself


I'm having a problem with DoggCatcher on my Samsung S6.

When listening to music on my phone, DoggCatcher will start itself automatically and then pause the music I'm listening to and start a podcast.



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The app is probably

The app is probably receiving a faulty play/pause event from a Bluetooth or wired headset, try changing the "Play Audio" to "Disabled" and "Connect Screen" to "None", disable "Start Application" in DC's headset settings (In the DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Headset/Lockscreen "Bluetooth/Wired") Verify if the "Share Media" option is disabled in DC's "Miscellaneous" settings, it also could be another media app (Example PowerAmp) might have access to DC media files and is responding to the Headset connect event.