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One Click Subscribe on Android

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One Click Subscribe on Android

Please add One Click Subscribe on Android to DoggCatcher. This is an initiative that is brand agnostic headed up by the Blubrry Team. They already have commitments from about 6 Android App Developers to implement.

Podcast Addict said implementation took less than 5 minutes.. See the details here.

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A +1 for me, too.

A +1 for me, too.

I found another post referring to Blubrry in the forum which is more recent than this request which suggests that it works with DoggCatcher, however I have just come across my first podcast on the Blubrry platform that I wish to subscribe to and the "Subscribe on Android" one click link did nothing. I tried a couple of different browsers on my phone and none of them did anything. Blubrry does not show up in the Subscribe / Networks tab on Doggcatcher either.

In the end I found an apparently unsanctioned mirror of the podcast on Feedburner courtesy of Google and got around the problem the traditional RSS way.

When I questioned their apparent iTunes only policy. the guys behind the podcast in question (Pixel Tunes Radio) kindly pointed me towards their Blubrry hosting (and the "Subscribe on Android" feature) and recommended a rival podcast utility. I do not wish to deviate away from Doggcatcher - and certainly not just for one podcast - so it would be nice if DC could support this feature. Looking at the Developer's link above, doing so gets a mention on their web page along with a link to the Play store which could be good advertising for DC itself if implemented. Additionally the Blubrry website states that they are currently hosting 325,000 podcasts, which sounds like a treasure trove if DC can access it.

Please consider trying to implement this feature in some way on DC. I am currently using build 1.2.4147, and the links on the Blubrry website have no effect with Chrome or Samsung's own browser on my S4.

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One Click Subscribe

Support for one click subscribe has been enabled since the release of DoggCatcher - 1.2.4143