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No Way to Delete User Playlist

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No Way to Delete User Playlist

There's no way to delete a playlist that you've created. I have multiple playlists I do not want any more and want to delete, yet no option to do so. They just sort of clog up the drop down menu. Please advise.

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You can press on the header

You can press on the header of the audio tab to list all the playlists. Then press on the three ... , you'll have an option to delete.

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Unable to delete playlists, too.

I'm having trouble with the same issue. I use Doggcatcher on a Nexus 5. Could someone please let me know if I'm attempting to delete in the wrong manner? Thanks!

1) I select the "audio" tab.
2) I press and hold the bar at the top. Then a menu opens.
This menu lets me select from the 2 playlists I have or create a new dynamic or user playlist. (Also, on the bottom of that menu are options to show all items sorted in one of 3 different ways.)

The problem is that there is no option to delete either of my 2 playlists on this menu. I tried to do a long hold to see if it would perhaps give me the option of renaming or deleting the selected item, but nothing happens when I do a long hold.

What am I doing wrong? Thank-you for any help.

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Delete Created Playlists

Press the three dot hamburger icon (Right of the created Playlist tittle) a dialog will open with the option to delete or edit the the playlist

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Delete Categories

Not sure if this is the same question, but it looks related. I created a category twice (same name) and would like to delete one of them. There is no hamburger icon on my phone to the right of the playlist title. How do I delete this.


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Delete or Rename Categories

From the Category screen> long press on the particular created category name> then select Rename or Delete

Thanks for posting, Eric will probably change this to the hamburger icon on future update

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Don't see "three dots" to delete Category

When I'm in the Audio tab and press the top drop down button I see a list of Category-based Playlists but I don't see any "three dots" or "hamburger" options to delete those Playlists or Categories. Where is that option?

I also looked for an option to delete Categories in the 'Categories' menu found under the individual Feed options, but also there is no option there.

These would seem like logical places to manage the Categories. Why are Categories so hidden? Are you trying to discourage users from using them?

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Delete Category

On the current version of the app, from the all feeds screen

> Press the Category icon to access the Category screen

> Then press on the Category you wish to delete

>A Modify category dialog box will open with options to "Rename" or "Delete"