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ff vs next in notification drawer

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ff vs next in notification drawer

I wrote up a post that explains what I mean with a couple screenshots. Please take a look.

BTW, the podcast player rocks!

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I just want rid of it

I have caught the next button on the notification do many times when I only wanted to play or pause. Can you make the next button optional or as the OP wanted add fast forward and rewind buttons. At least then I don't have to unlock my phone open up the fed for the podcast and Mark the episode in progress rather than fine before it gets deleted.

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I think the way I am going to

I think the way I am going to make this better is to add an undo message after you press next. Right now, in some places you need to long press on the next button to skip, and others you only have to press (limitation in widgets/notifications). It's confusing and error prone.

What I'll add is similar to what the gmail app does after you delete an email, you get a dialog that gives you some time to undo, otherwise it just goes away. That way I can leave the button there, but still recover from accidents pretty easily.

I created an issue for this...