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skip silence option for audio player

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skip silence option for audio player

The internal audio player in DoggCatcher is very nice, especially the ability to speed up the audio. One other feature that I think would be great is for it to be able to skip or shorten silent sections of audio. I don't mean "gapless playback" which just skips silence at the beginning and end of an audio file. I mean skipping silence inside of an audio file, like when someone pauses between phrases. Sometimes I listen to podcasts where the speaker not only speaks somewhat slowly but has long pauses between phrases. Speeding up the audio helps some, but you could save even more time by removing the silence. I've tried this kind of feature in other audio players and it doesn't seem to make the podcast difficult to understand.

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Silence Skipping is a MUST

While I love DC, some of my favourite podcasts have some seriously annoying speech gaps. Speakers that "pause for effect" too often. Sounds okay at normal speed, but when speed-listening it drives me nuts. The absence of silence skipping could be a deal breaker for me. Got an ETA on adding it?

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Silence Skipping

Just wanted to cast another vote for silence skipping option.