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podcast won't play today

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podcast won't play today

The podcast, Steel on Steel ( won't play today. I usually don't have any problem playing it, nor is there any sort of error message for today. When I press the arrow to play, it appears to play, but the seconds don't tick off, nor is there any sound. But the pause bars appear as if I could pause it if it was playing. I know someone else who listens to this podcast via doggcatcher and his plays just fine. Is there a way I could redownload today's broadcast?

well, after fidgeting with it even more, it is finally playing. I couldn't see a way to delete this post or I would have done that.
I also didn't want to start a whole new thread by putting in a new subject etc, so I'm just editing this post.
Basically, ♫ ♪ Never mind